BAE present at the SMA Off-Grid Training Seminar in Mexico

SMA Off-Grid Training Seminar in Mexico

BAE Batterien GmbH participated in the SMA Training Seminar “Off-grid, Intelligent PV Mini-grids based on 100 % solar power for rural electrification in Mexico”, organized in Mexico City on the 28th and 29th May 2013. This Seminar intended to contribute to the further implementation of high-quality and innovative technological solutions in more than 50 thousand communities dispersed in remote areas in Mexico. More than 40 professionals representing the key players in the PV market in Mexico, including a good number of engineers from C.F.E. attended to the two-day seminar…

Solar Roof Tajikistan - 4th Economic Conference Central Asia

Solar Roof Tajikistan - 4th Economic Conference Central Asia

At the edge of the 4th economy conference of central Asia in Berlin, the consortium BAE Batterien GmbH and DPU Investment GmbH had signed the contract for construction and operation of a solar system in Tadzhikistan with the secretary for energy and industrie Gul Sherali at the Republic of Tadschikistan Embassy in the presence of the ambassador Dr. Imomudin Sattorov, on April 23th, 2013.  

BAE Batteries - ELIGIBLE

With the successful introduction of the BAE SUNDEPOT last year, BAE Batterien GmbH (BAE) sets again a new milestone with the delivery of eligible battery storage of the PVV class. With regard to the KfW Renewable Energies Programme "Speicher" (Leaflet 275) effective since May 1st 2013, the Program requires a battery storage for which the manufacturer reimburse, in case of a defect, the value of the batteries over a period of seven years.

BAE contributes to energy transition with its SunDepot

BAE SunDepot

By introducing the BAE SUNDEPOT as a reliable energy storage this unit will support the grid load relief as well as an optimization of the use of renewable energy applications. The high performance storage capability of the BAE SUNDEPOT is specifically designed to meet requirements of private households.
In view of the expected subsidization of battery storages for 2013 by the KfW support program an additional incentive will be created for the self consumption of generated renewable energy. The BAE SUNDEPOT battery system will comply with the conditions of the support program for battery storages.

BAE present at the Genera 2013

BAE present at the Genera 2013

BAE Batterien GmbH participated in the 1st Bornay Workshop organized during the Genera 2013 in Madrid. The Workshop was held on the 27th February in a private room located in the same Hall where the Genera Trade Fair took place.

More than 100 professionals attended to the Workshop, which focused on the topic “Self-consumption” together with contributions from the main brands represented by Bornay in the Spanish market, viz. Victron Energy, Schneider Electric and BAE Batterien GmbH.