Camphill Village

Camphill Village
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The commissioning of an important CSR-project in South Africa, where BAE participated, was finalized and put into operation on March the 19th of 2014 under the leadership of the Germany-based association of „Rays of Hope“. This social project includes in the first phase a 20kWp photovoltaic application for a joint dairy located in the Camphill Village in the Western Cape region. In the second phase an expansion by 40kWp is planned.

Because the power supply of the diary was expensive and unstable several companies joined and made it possible to build this 20 kWp PV application. BAE supplied its high-quality and reliable batteries to store the solar energy. The step to an autonomous energy supply of the diary is an important step for the self-supply of the community in Camphill and an enormous cost reduction. James Sleigh, CEO of the Camphill Village West Coast hopes to save around 1.44 Mio. Rand (ca. 100.000 Euro) energy costs within the following 20 years. The saved money will be spend for the support and care of the Camphill people.

Currently 87 mentally disabled adults are inhabiting the village. Living in this village gives them the possibility to lead a regulated and as normal as possible life. The village has a farm where different fruits can be cultivated, honey can be harvested and due to the diary the people can produce milk products as yoghurts and cheese which they sell.

The successful implementation of the PV plant was possible through the support of the following project partners: First Solar, SMA, Schletter, Q3, UfE, Dehn. The project management on site was taken over by the company Sieckman Engineering while the South African distributor of BAE, Silicon Engineering, supported the project as well locally.