BAE supports engineers without borders in Sierra Leone – solar power project

BAE Batterien supports Engineers without borders in Sierra Leone

The Engineers without borders is an international organization whose members deliver sustainable solutions to developing communities worldwide. Sierra Leone is one of the poorest country in the world. Therefore the engineers without borders support the local community in Kamakwie with the construction of a solar system. The new solar system will provide energy for an existing school building in this region. This school offers different education programs (e.g. bricklayers, carpenter, weaver) for more than 180 pupils.

The goal of the project is to provide electricity on a constant level, so that the school facilities can also be used in the evening and night. Furthermore the solar systems will provide enough electricity to run a little computer with 5 computers. With this systems we heavily increase the current educational conditions of the location.

Used for the solar system, BAE provides as a point of its CSR-strategy a maintenance-free battery of the type 24V 4 x 6 PVV 420. Our batteries are highly optimized for such operation. The goal of BAE and all project partners is to improve the lack of constant electricity and to provide a stable power supply.

Especially in rural areas, like Sierra Leone, a constant and stable power supply is important for the local people. In such areas it is very difficult to provide the necessary spare parts and the right staff to repair the system. For this reason the engineers without borders educated intensively the local people in understanding, running and repairing the system on their own in the future.